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Welcome to Programmer Puzzlers

Programmer Puzzlers brings all the best logic puzzles for programmers to test their logic. Keep checking as we’ll be adding new puzzles regulary and don’t hesitate to contact if you have new puzzles. If you’re struggling with these puzzles, I recommend clicking here to learn how to program in a number of easy tutorials.

Burning Ropes

You have a large selection of ropes of varying lengths. Like the Bomb Planning puzzle, the ropes burn at different rates, even one part of a rope may burn differently than another part, but there’s no way to tell just … Continue reading

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Circular Quarters

You are playing a game with your friend sitting across a perfectly round tabletop. You each have a supply of quarters which you will place on the table one at a time, without moving any other quarters and without overlapping. … Continue reading

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Time Angles

The setup for this puzzler is quite simple.  You have an ordinary clock and the time is exactly 3:15 pm. What is the angle between the two hands of the clock? Leave your answers in the Comments below!

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Bomb Planning

You have two 4 min fuses and a bomb. You want to be able to time the detonation of the bomb for 1min. Neither fuse burns at a uniform rate throughout. How do you time your act of senseless destruction?

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Lie Detector

When you die, you go to this place where there are two doors: one goes to heaven, the other one goes to hell. There’s a guard in front of each door. You don’t know which door is which. The only … Continue reading

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Which Switch

There are 1000 switches numbered from 1 to 1000. They are all off. I begin by flicking all the switches. I then flick every second switch (2,4,6…). I then flick every third switch (3,6,9…). I repeat the process 1000 times. … Continue reading

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